9&10 Jr. Academy Train With U17 Showcase Team

April 14, 2011


On Thursday evening, the  9 & 10 Girls Jr. Academy team received a special treat for their final training session of the year.  Instead of training at the Indoor Arena in Hampton, they were invited to the Seacoast United Outdoor Complex in Epping to train alongside the U17 Girls Showcase team.  "It was an opportunity for our older players to mentor our younger players," said Matt Sprague, who coaches both groups.

The session included each Jr. Academy player being paird with a Showcase player.  After a short warmup, both groups participated in a technical passing progression and then played 6v6.  The evening was capped off with an enthusiastic game of Doctor-Doctor (summer camp favorite).  "I think the 17’s were more excited about playing Doctor-Doctor than the Jr. Academy players were," commented Sprague.

Opportunities like this is what makes the Seacoast United experience so unique.  The benefits were seen on both sides.  Jr. Academy players were introduced to the older Showcase players and will hopefully take that personal connection and watch them play in spring/summer games.  The Showcase players were given a breath of fresh air as they watched the exuberance and unobstructed love of the game from the Jr. Academy players.