How do you make a difference in someone’s life? It starts with attention, effort and development. Sports offer opportunities for all these things in addition to improved mental and physical health, the development of critical motor skills and the forming of lifelong bonds and friendships.  This is the foundation of Seacoast United’s Grassroots program. Seacoast’s Ryan Overy, who played for the 2004 premier boys’ team, has diligently taken on a new roll with the club. He coaches the four and five-year-old Grassroots class in Epping, NH.


“Coaching is definitely something I see myself continuing in the future,” Ryan said. “It teaches you how to be engaging and about leadership. I want to give my experience and love for the game to others.”  Please click HERE to hear more of Ryan's thoughts on coaching and being involved with Seacoast United.


Do you have a passion for soccer and want to share your knowledge with younger generations?  Apply for one of Seacoast’s winter internship or coaching positions today to make a difference.


Click HERE to apply for a coaching internship through Seacoast United.