Over 200 In Attendance for 2013 College Forum

December 2013

Seacoast United would like to thank the players, parents, and presenters in attendance on Wednesday evening for the 2013 College Forum.  College coaches from area soccer, field hockey, and baseball programs offered valuable information on the collegiate recruiting process as well as other useful tools to assist student athletes in making important decisions on their academic future.

"We are excited to be able to inform parents and student/athletes about how our leadership training programs fit directly into the overall goal of successful and appropriate college selection and admissions processes, but also into building critical ongoing life skills around mental toughness, self confidence, respect, integrity, and the entire array of attributes our ATHLETT diagnostic is able to identify and develop," commented Co-Founder Jordan Denning.  "We would be delighted to work directly with Seacoast United teams and individual players in all sports." 

CogSports Brochure

Jarkko Tuominen College Scholarship Information (also available on the Seacoast United Foundation website here)

College Q & A