Seacoast United College Program

Seacoast United is very excited to announce that we have recently partnered with College Soccer Advantage. This partnership will provide assistance for the Seacoast Utd players and families as they navigate the college soccer recruitment process.
In conjunction with our partnership, every player from Seacoast United will receive the following benefits:
1.  Immediate access to a FREE college soccer recruiting resource that offers valuable information on the process as well as tips on how to successfully navigate the process.  This resource will be frequently updated and will be available on the Seacoast Utd website.  The link to this resource is below. 
2.  All Seacoast United players will also receive discounts on services provided by College Soccer Advantage including their 1 on1 Mentorship Program as well as Recruitment Videos.  Details on these services can be found inside the FREE college soccer recruiting resource linked above.
We really hope that you take the time to check out this resource and begin learning about the college soccer recruiting process.