The Hitters Clinic is designed for all players who want to further develop the specific actions of their swing over the winter months of 2020.  A swing is more than just gripping a bat and trying to hit a ball.  

In the "Gap-to-Gap" hitter's clinic, every player will learn what type of swing approach is best for them.  Numerous drills will be executed on a weekly basis to develop muscle memory, and learn how to have the most efficient swing for each individual palyer.  Each week will be a challenging and competitive atmosphere to help bring the most out of each player.

Topics covered:  Location-specific swing approach, pitch-specific swing approach, two-strike hitting approach, hitting for power, hitting for average, advanced swing mechanics for all ages.

Classes run for 4 weeks.

START DATE Age Day Time Cost
March 5th, 2020 12 & under Thursdays 4-5pm $92

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All classes take place at the Seacoast United Concord Indoor Facility, 10 Ferry St., Suite 105, Concord NH.

Questions?  Please contact Scott Dubben at