There will be 5 Double headers on a Saturday or Sunday through the regular season, everyone will make playoffs. Teams will be coached by a town parent or coach; the league is going to be run by the Seacoast United coaching staff.

Start date weekend of September 12th-13th, 2020 and will run through the weekend of October 17th and 18th, 2020.

Games will be held on the turf fields in Epping as well as local seacoast area fields. Umpires and Game Balls are included in pricing.

11 & 12 Division 50ft x 70ft


  • USA stamped bats only
  • Pitchers may only pitch 2 innings per day during regular season.
  • 15 after 3 innings and 10 after 4 innings
  • 6 innings games or 1hr 30min time limit
  • No extra innings in regular season
  • You can have 12 players in batting lineup using 3 EH’s or one DH and 2 EHs. EH’s can rotate in for any player in the field without changing batting lineup.

Re-entry rule:  A player can only re-enter for the same player that went in for him and then that player he goes back in for is done for that game. You cannot re-enter for a different player. You can never hit in 2 different spots in the line-up during a game.
Re-entry for a pitcher: In the event a pitcher is substituted with a pinch-runner or hitter, the pitcher may re-enter the game immediately as long as another pitcher does not throw a pitch. If he re-enters after someone else throws a pitch, he will not be allowed to pitch in that game.

Registration is $100 per player or $1,200 per Team.

For extra $800 per team you can have a one-hour practice per week run by the full-time Seacoast United coaching staff in our Epping Facility. So an extra 6 hours of practices!

Please contact Jake Chamblee with any questions: jchamblee@seacoastunited.com.