Festival Teams Have Strong Showing In California

November 2009

Seacoast United Field Hockey just returned from a very successful showing at the USA Field Hockey Festival in Indio California where we had 3 teams participate, 2 at the U16 level and 1 at the U19 level.  Our U19 team won its pool, the 2 U16 teams both finished 4th in their pools.


  U16 White Festival Team     U16 Blue Festival Team     U19 White Festval Team
  Coach:  Diana Walker     Coach:  Mike Wellington     Coach:  Ross Gorham
  Pool Y:  4th Place     Pool X:  4th Place     Pool H:  1st Place
GK Carlie Tarbell   GK Laura Fanning   GK Kati Orban
2 Stephanie Felt   5 Kelsey Leblanc   2 Katie Bell
4 Kaitlyn Boudah   6 Cailin Flannery   3 Gretchen Fowler
5 Cora Healey   7 Allie Barry   5 Rachelle Messuri
6 Allie McManus   10 Cari Posternak   6 Tayla Satwich
7 Hannah Wellington   12 Lindsey Nerbonne   7 Nichole Black
9 Shauna Rankin-Byrne   13 Colleen Fowler   8 Jessica Smith
10 Mallory Kosow   22 Kristen Sodini   10 Ali Papatsoris
12 Molly Feit   23 Rebecca Meagher   11 Brittany Norfleet
13 Jordyn Hamilton   26 Meghan Ravis   14 Emily Cannon
14 Nicole Pacheco   27 Juliet Dalton   15 Lauren Carroll
16 Jaime Trout   31 Adrienne O’Donnell   16 Erin Delaney
17 Kristen Felt   32 Julie Saltamartini      
24 Molly Heaney   33 Hanah Najar      


After seven practices this summer and three more in November, the final pieces of the U16 Seacoast United Blue team came together at the USA Field Hockey Festival in Indio, CA over Thanksgiving weekend.  Athletes from all over the United States travelled to the Empire Polo Grounds to take on some of the best club teams in the country.  Playing in a very tough Y pool, Seacoast Blue held their own. 
For some of the players it was their first opportunity to play under the new self start rule.  As the tournament progressed the team pulled together as a unit. The National Festival was a great success for the U16 Seacoast United Blue team.  Their level of play was raised with each passing game.  The opportunity to compete against some of the best players in the country in front of hundreds of college coaches was a great opportunity. The entire experience made for lasting memories.

The U19 group developed a high sophistication of hockey over the course of the weekend.  The girls forced each of their opponents to play at a higher level, and each athlete made a contribution to the team’s success at the festival.