The Seacoast United Field Hockey club’s mission is to develop all athletes into strong, confident and talented young adults who are prepared to take on whatever life brings. Our intense curriculum enables players of all levels to enhance their play while establishing a core foundation of the fundamentals of the sport. Through drills, game play, and intense body conditioning training practices, our players are prepared for the rigorous demands of college student-athletes. As our teams enter in National events, we select the strongest of our athletes to represent the club. We support all of our players by participating in local tournaments which enables our players to be prepared for game play situations against other club teams around the area.

By creating a challenging environment, every player learns to push themselves to their limit.  Our graduated players are discplined young adults who understand the mental and physical concept of the sport of hockey. These players understand their limits and take advantage of their strengths while continually improving all aspects of their play. Please see our Alumni list of all graduated Seacoast United players!

Competitive Mission Statement- As stated Seacoast United is committed to build and maintain a community that:

•provides a high quality competitive field hockey program for motivated and dedicated young athletes;

•cultivates a culture that values character, sportsmanship and teamwork; and

•inspires passion for sport through the game of field hockey

Community Philosophy:

•encourage a balance of family, school and field hockey

•encourage parent involvement in the support functions for the teams.

•maintain open communication with parents.

•develop high quality teams that attract players from New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts

•become a natural and local ’next step’ for the player seeking a more competitive level of field hockey;

•follow a Code of Conduct for players, parents and coaches that promotes exemplary behavior on and off the field.

Field Hockey Philosophy:

•focus on long term player development with the goal of preparing girls for High School field hockey and beyond.

•provide trained coaches who embrace this mission and philosophy.

•concentrate on mastery of individual skill work and movement fundamentals to support a ’possession’ style of field hockey that emphasizes teamwork and creative play.

•integrate competitive and recreational programs by providing combined coach and player clinics.