Pitchers Clinic

The "Strike-One" Pitchers Clinic is designed for those players who are looking to further develop their pitching skills over the winter months of 2016/17.

The purpose of this pitchers-only program is to help players gain knowledge about the pitching position as a whole.  All aspects of being a pitcher will be covered and drilled upon.  With the proper approach to the act of throwing, our goal is for every pitcher to reach 100% potential out of their body, leaving no muscle under-utilized.

Topics covered:  Proper throwing mechanics (pre and post release), proper age appropriate grips, pitch sequencing, approach to different type of hitters, correct mental mindset, arm health (pre and post stretching), conditioning and body maintenance.

Classes run for 8 weeks unless otherwise noted.*  Next session begins Monday, January 2nd!

Location Age Day Time Cost
Granite Fields, Kingston NH All ages Mondays: 1/2-2/20 8-9pm $175

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Granite Fields is located at 7 Route 125, Kingston NH.

Questions?  Please contact Eric Wells at ewells@seacoastunited.com.