In an effort to make things easier for our parents, families and friends we are always trying to come up with ways for you to keep track of indoor league game times, facility locations, etc.

Introducing our two mobile apps: The Seacoast United Mobile App and the Seacoast United Tournament App. Both apps are free downloads and available on all platforms (iTunes and Android). Any program currently on offer in New Hampshire or Massachusetts is listed in the app along with a complete schedule. If you want to know what time your Men’s Open team on a Tuesday night in Hampton is playing, simply download the app and look up ‘League Schedules’ for the Hampton facility. 

In addition to staying up to date on game times/training times, we have reached out to some of the Seacoast United Business Network members to provide us with exclusive promotions. If you look under the ‘Special Deals’ section you will see a list of companies that have provided us with FREE  promos!! All you have to do is use the mobile app at their place of business and you will instantly save. This is a fantastic offer from our partners and it is another way of us giving back to our families and friends. For a complete list of businesses including some of our favorite eatiers, download the app today.  

Thank you again for your support. We hope that you take full advantage of our two free mobile apps. In addition to making things more seamless for our members, we want you to enjoy the perks of being part of the Seacoast United family and supporting our local restaurants and businesses that support us!  #SupportLocal