Seacoast United Sports Club launched an official partnership with Great Bay Community College during the summer of 2017 in an effort to work more closely with a local collegiate institution.

The partnership is multifaceted and will focus on several key areas: sports management curriculum, internship opportunities, job opportunities and athletic programs. With regards to the curriculum, Great Bay Community College is offering several courses that revolve around the business aspect of sports. Several of the subjects will focus on key areas involved with sports business such as finance, marketing and event planning. 

Many of these areas are currently available at Seacoast United which has led to the creation of several unique internship opportunities. For both the spring and summer semester, prospective students will be able to work with Seacoast United on a number of initiatives that will tie in directly providing real life experience. This "hands on experience" will bode well for students when they complete their studies at Great Bay and go on to university or enter the work force. 

“Giving Great Bay students an opportunity to work behind the scenes with Seacoast United is extremely exciting,” said James Peterson, Director of Sales and Marketing at Seacoast United. “The Club is in a position now where we need people that fit certain skill sets from an administrative standpoint. To bring people on board in an internship capacity with the goal of hiring them full-time is a win-win for all involved and is the whole purpose of the partnership.”

In addition to the academic side of things, Seacoast United helped launched the inaugural baseball program this fall at Great Bay Community College. Two of Seacoast United Pirates’ staff members, K. Calero and Scott Dubben, ran the program in the fall. Their official season starts this spring.

For more information on the sports management courses available in the spring or for a complete list of internship opportunities please visit