Back Bay Networks is an IT consulting firm with extensive experience providing IT support to residential homes, organizations, small businesses, municipalities and school districts since 2003.  We are a New Hampshire based company located in downtown Dover with services extending from southern Maine throughout all of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Our range of various services provide you with anything from PC sales and home computer repair to network management and IT staffing.

Our Goal is to create a hassle free environment that gives you the peace of mind to focus on your business while we focus on keeping your computing system running smoothly.  With our friendly and knowledgeable staff we proactively eliminate IT issues to ensure your computing experience is easy and without complication.

Why is information technology important?
Information technology is used for storing, protecting, transmitting, and receiving information. In essence, information technology is the backbone of an organization, creating internal coordination and efficiency.

It is a crucial aspect to the daily lives of all individuals.  From residential homes to businesses, everyone has similar technological needs including the ease of user experience, configuring technology into one common interworking network and data security to ensure all information is safe and protected from disaster.

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