Bavarian Autosport

Bavarian Autosport has been in the BMW parts business since 1974 (MINI since 2002). The company began by repairing and modifying BMW automobiles. At the same time, we started to build an inventory of parts that BMW enthusiasts in the northeast could purchase to do their own repairs and modifications.

In the late 1970s we began to advertise our BMW products nationwide and in 1983 we produced our first catalog (on a Smith-Corona typewriter on Mark's kitchen table). A couple years later we added some black and white photography to the catalog. Color photos soon followed.

On the customer service end of things, we knew what kind of service we liked to get when we spent our hard-earned dollars. It is one of the main reasons we went into business. So we did everything in our power to offer the same level of service to our customers. We were the first in the BMW parts business to offer free catalogs (some still charge for theirs), a toll-free phone line, a toll-free fax line, same-day shipping and a best price guarantee.

Evidently all that attention to customer service paid off. Today, Bavarian Autosport is the leading BMW and MINI parts and accessories cataloger in the world. Our three-story distribution center contains more than 400,000 factory original and aftermarket BMW and MINI parts and accessories. Many of our replacement parts are manufactured by the same factories BMW uses. In some cases we have sourced parts superior to those used by BMW. In a few cases we are able to offer a range of parts at a variety of price points so you can choose what's best for your car and your budget. (Please note: Bavarian Autosport is not affiliated with BMW of Germany, BMW of North America, or MINI UK and MINI USA in any way. The part numbers used on this site and in our catalog are for reference only.)

Bavarian Autosport
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