Seacoast United Announces Entrance Into WPSL for 2010 Season

April 2009

On Thursday April 23rd, 2009, Seacoast United announced the addition of a Women’s Amateur Team to it’s already impressive developmental model.   The Club will be joining the Eastern Division of the Women’s Premier Soccer League (WPSL) for the spring/summer 2010 season.   The Club will play a 10 game schedule against the likes of FSA Soccer Plus, Boston Aztecs, New England Mutiny, New York Athletic Club, Adirondack Lynx, Bay State Select, Lancaster Inferno, and Maine Tide.  The WPSL season begins mid-May and ends with a championship during the first week of August.

WPSL teams roster players currently at the high school and collegiate levels, as well as post-collegiate and foreign players.   The league consists of over 50 teams playing in 5 conferences across the country.

When asked about the reason for creating this team, General Manager Matt Sprague said, "Because it is the right thing to do for our players.  We have a greater amount of players going off to play at top college programs.   Currently we do not offer them an option that gives them the level of competition and training commitment necessary for their development.   We not only want to help our players get into the colleges they choose but also to continue to play at a high level for those colleges."

There is also an impact that this team will have on the youth players in the Club.  "Our younger players will have, for the first time, a team and players to look up to.   Boys and girls alike will be able to look at the players on this team as role models both on and off the field.   This will turn out to be a great teaching aid for our younger teams because it will get more of our players watching the game, and the game itself is the greatest teacher," commented Sprague.

The Club is currently seeking team sponsors and donors.   Details about sponsorship packages and donation categories can be found by clicking here.