Dates for the 2018/19 Winter Indoor sessions have been announced! 

Soccer/Field Hockey League Dates

Session Dates
8-week Winter Session I Week of 10/23/18 to 12/22/18
12-week Winter Session I Week of 10/22/18 to 1/23/19
8-week Winter Session II Week of 1/2/18 to 2/26/18
12-week Winter Session II Week of 1/24/19 to 4/14/19
6-week Spring Session III Week of 4/15/19 to 5/23/19
Indoor/Outdoor Summer Session IV Week of 5/27/19 to 7/4/19
Indoor/Outdoor Summer Session V Week of 7/8/19 to 8/15/19
Indoor/Outdoor Fall Session Week of 9/3/19 to 10/14/19

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