We want to emphasize the development of each child within the program by:

  • Improving a player's social development, interacting with teammates, being part of a team environment, and sportsmanship.
  • Improving a player's knowledge and skill while playing the game of soccer, while enjoying exercise and improving fitness.
  • Assisting players in learning to control emotions and developing a positive self-worth.


SUSC feels that the best environment for a child to develop in these areas is one in which there is no pressure to win.  A Seacoast United coach will strive to encourage each child to do their very best and not be concerned about winning.  By doing so, we feel like each child will be able to experience personal success and growth - and that's a winning program!  To help create this type of atmosphere and allow each player to develop best, we want to make sure: 

  • Every child plays in every game.  Playing time will be equal among all team members.
  • Win/Loss records for teams are not recorded.
  • All teams will be co-ed.