The Grassroots and Skills and Scrimmage Programs as a whole have been designed to teach the basic individual skills of the game while adhering to a few general principles.  These principles include teamwork, sportsmanship, sharing, positivity, enjoyment and responsibility while in a learning environment.  Within each age group these principles are taught using different methods appropriate for it’s participants.  To better understand what you will experience within each age group please click on the class you are interested in for a more in depth description.

For any questions please contact Joey Barima at or by phone at 603-758-7123.

Grassroots: 3&4 Yr Old Classes
These classes are all parent participation and are designed to work on the most basic soccer fundamentals as well as motor skill developement and social skills.  Each class will begin with a ’warm up’ which, in most cases, the ball will not be used.  The ’warm up’ will work on your players motor skills, balance, listening skills and coordination while being silly and using their imagination. The rest of the class will center around using the ball with you, their Teammate, and creating a great relationship with soccer and having fun. These classes are great for first time players or those not quite ready to be away from Mom or Dad.

Grassroots: 4&5 Yr Old Classes
These 45 minute classes have been created as an outlet for those players who are ready to be away from Mom and Dad and are able to listen and follow directions.  These classes are great for those 4 year old players that have either done the Grassroots Program in the past or had other soccer experiences.  It is also a great class for 5 year olds that are trying soccer for the first time or have very limited experience.

Grassroots: 5&6 Yr Old Classes
These classes continue the development of soccer’s individual fundamentals through fun games and introduce some short scrimmage play at the end of most classes.  This can be a great starting place for those interested in giving soccer a try.  Players that have had previous experience or have been in the Grassroots Program previously will do great in this class as well.  As with all Grassroots classes all exercises and games are centered around individual skill development and FUN.

Skills & Scrimmage: 7&8 Yr Old Classes
Our Skills and Scrimmage classes offer a change in format from our Grassroots classes.  Each class will follow a general ciriculum centered around individual development.  The first 20-30 minutes of each class will be centered around indivdual skills where the majority of the time every player will have a ball at their feet, getting a lot of touches.  The next 20-30 minutes will focus on specific teaching games which require the players to use their ’soccer minds’ as well as develop their skill in situations which relate to real game play.  The last portion of the class is reserved for scrimmage play. Scrimmage play may look different from class to class and will show players different aspects of game which are important for their individual development.   These classes will still be able to cater to new players, those with limited experience as well as those with more playing experience with either their town rec. or town travel programs.

Instead of focusing on specific positions each class will work on indivudal aspects of the game which are important to all positions.  From class to class specific skills may be introduced which may be more important to one position more than others.   

PlaySoccer: 9-12 Yr Old Classes
Seacoast United's Play Soccer Program is a great opportunity for older children to play in a variety of small sided games which allows for more touches on the ball.  Tailored for players ages 9-12, this class will speed up your child's decision making with and without the ball.  The focus throughout this class will be on speed of play as well as positional awareness both offensively and defensively.