Drive Custom Fit - Performance Training

Join Seacoast United and Drive Custom Fit for a performance and skills experience like no other!  Seacoast United coach Ryan Powell and Drive Custom Fit's Elite Z Performance coaches will work together for an 8-week technical training camp.  The program will focus in speed, agility, explosiveness, first touch, finishing, and more.

Our goal is to ignite the fire that is inside each and every one of us.  To fan the flame of your inner drive and help you develop a strong, healthy body and a clear, expansive mind.  Tony and Jake of Drive Custom Fit, two lifelong friends and fitness enthusiasts, promote improvement and inspire greatness in their community.  They created Drive Custom Fit and its personalized approach to wellness because we believe that true fitness can inspire positive life change - and ignite the fire inside.

Over the years, Seacoast United has adopted a unique philosophy with an emphasis on providing an environment where players could learn the game and develop over time.  In addition to teaching players the fundamentals of the game, Seacoast United has always made it a point to prepare players off the field just as much as on it.  This model of practice has played an integral role with all of the Club's sports, and helped in growing the Club's footprint significantly through numerous programs in NH, Maine, and Massachusetts.

January 3rd-Feburary 21st, 2018
Location:  Drive Custom Fit, 23 South Broadway, Salem NH 03079
Cost:  $199/individual

Age Groups
9-18 yrs:  4:30-6pm

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Questions?  Please contact Ryan Powell at