BASEBALL CLINIC: December 27th

Seacoast United Baseball will host a baseball clinic during the school vacation break in December!

PITCHING/CATCHING: Seacoast United Baseball coaching staff will be teaching the fundamentals of pitching and catching from 9am-1030am. Kids will go through different drills and stations by our pitching coach, Jake Chamblee and catching coach, Zach Theulen learning proper ways on how to play each position. Full time coaches Eric Wells and Rick Chamblee will also be present. This is an awesome program for kids who are interested in becoming a pitcher or catcher, or kids who want to keep improving at each position. Price: $50 

HITTING: Kids will work with our hitting coaches, Zach Theulen and Eric Wells, and learn the fundamentals and techniques of hitting. There will be several drills and stations that they will go through, with a competition at the end. We will also be using our Hittrax program, which is a baseball simulator on a computer screen that shows different stats about each swing a kid takes (velocity, launch angle, etc.) When using the Hittrax, kids can choose any major league stadium they want to hit at such as Fenway Park or Yankee Stadium. We can also modify the fields so they are at a 8U-12U size instead of the regular size field. Full time coaches Jake Chamblee and Rick Chamblee will also be there helping. Price: $50  

Friday, December 27th, 2019
Pitching/Catching:  9am-10:30am
Hitting:  10:30am-12pm


Single session: $50
Both sessions:  $85

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Seacoast United Indoor Facility, 88 Shirking Rd., Epping NH 03042

Questions?  Please contact Zach Theulen at