Seacoast United Baseball Club will host skills camps during the February break for eager ballplayers looking to stay active while off from school!

Pitching/Catching 8U-12U yrs Wednesday, February 26, 2020 9-10:30am $50
Hitting 8U-12U yrs Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 10:30am-12pm $50
Combined Pitching/Catching and Hitting 8U-12U yrs Wednesday, February 26th, 2020 9am-12pm $85
Defensive Skills Clinic 8U-12U yrs Thursday, February 27th, 2020 9am-10:15am $50
2-Day Clinic Package 8U-12U yrs Wednesday & Thursday, February 26-27th   $120



PITCHING/CATCHING:  Seacoast United will teach the fundamentals of being a pitcher and/or catcher, where players will go through a variety of drills and stations learning the proper way to play each position.  Pitchers will be coached by Jake Chamblee, and catchers coached by Zach Theulen. 

NEW THIS YEAR:  Pitchers will be using the Rapsodo program, a machine that tracks the speed, spin rate, movement and accuracy of each pitch.  This is a very popular program with our club players and has helped many of them make proper adjustments that they need to become better pitchers.  

Catcher's gear is required for anybody taking part in the catching drills.  

Full time coaches Eric Wells and Rick Chamblee will also be present.  This is a great program for kids who are interested in becoming a pitcher or catcher, or kids who want to keep improving at both positions.

HITTING:  Players will work with our hitting coaches Zach Theulen and Eric Wells to learn the fundamentals and techniques of hitting.  There will be several drills and stations that they will go through, with a competition at the end.  Players will also utilize our HitTrax machine, a baseball simulator on a tv screen showing velocity and distance on each hit.  Seacoast United Baseball Club coaches Jake Chamblee and Rick Chamblee will also be present.


DEFENSIVE SKILLS CLINIC:  Players will rotate through stations and drills for each position (except pitchers/catchers) and learn the fundamentals of each.  It is extremely important and beneficial for players to learn how to play all positions, especially at a young age.  The more positions a player is capable of playing, the more opportunities they will receive to be in the lineup as they continue to progress through their playing career.  At Seacoast United, we fully believe that players who can play multiple positions are more valuable than players who can only play one position.  

Full time coaches Eric Wells , Jake Chamblee, Zach Theulen, and Rick Chamblee will be running the program.

SPECIAL PACKAGE:  Register for the 2-day clinic package and save 20% off the individual clinic price!

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Seacoast United Indoor Facility, 88 Shirking Rd., Epping NH 03042

Questions?  Please contact Zach Theulen at