Seacoast United Lacrosse Players Selected for Upper New England Teams

US Lacrosse Women’s Division National Tournament will take place in Long Island, NY on May 28th and 29th at Stony Brook University and Ward Melville High School.  Now in its 78th year, this storied and historic tournament features regional high school girls’ lacrosse games and US National Team competition.  This event attracts over 1500 of the best competitors nationwide from every realm of women’s lacrosse as well as over 2500 spectators.  This year, approximately 60 teams from across the country will be placed into 6 divisions, which are further broken into pools.

The Seacoast United Lacrosse Club players listed below were selected from a pool of 80 high school players from across NH and VT.  Players in grades 9-11 must be chosen by their high school coaches to attend.

UNE Team One:  Martha Griffin, Devon Parker, Campbell Probert, Allison Rogers
UNE Team Two:  Olivia Eaton, Amy Hanlon, Brooke Kelleher, Molly Taylor, Emily Whitney, Megan Whitney