U15-U18 Seacoast Teams Orientation

Saturday, December 11th

Seacoast United Indoor Arena, Hampton NH

Each team will meet at assigned times below.  You will meet on the E field first to receive your gear package and sign player passes.  Then there will be a short meeting in the party room.  Please be on time, at the time scheduled for your team.  If you have not returned your registration paperwork, it must be done so ASAP.  Everyone must make their first tuition payment prior to receiving gear.  If you have any questions please contact Cathy Costello at ccostello@seacoastunited.org.

Age Coach Gear Party Room Meeting
Girls U15 Seacoast Andreasen 9am 9:20am
Girls U16 Seacoast Matt Butcher 9:20am 9:40am
Girls U18 Seacoast Andrew Dawson 9:40am 10am
Boys U15 Seacoast Jesse Schram 10am 10:20am
Boys U15 Seacoast Cody Schram 10:20am 10:40am
Boys U16 Seacoast James Price 10:40am 11am
Boys U17 Seacoast Peter Simonini 11am 11:20am
Boys U18 Seacoast Brian Germaine 11:20am 11:40am