Tournament Rules

SUSC Nike Indoor Cup Event Rules and Guidelines

All tournament games will be played in accordance with the SUSC Arena League Rules unless modified herein.

Ball Size/Game Duration
U10-U12 games will utilize a size 4 ball.  U13-U14 games will utilize a size 5 ball.  All games will be 25 minutes in duration.

Substitutions are unlimited and may be made at any time during the game.

Field Size
A Field:  160’ x 90’ (6v6 + GKs)
B Field:  160’ x 90’ (6v6 + GKs)
C Field:  125’ x 90’ (5v5 + GKs)
Kingston Field A (6v6 + GKs)
Kingston Field B (4v4 + GKs)

Phanzone Field 1 (6v6 + GKs)
Phanzone Field 2 (5v5 + GKs)

Results will be recorded after every game by the referees and posted at the Arena. 
Standings will be determined by 6 points for a win, 3 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.  Additional points are awarded:

* 1 point for each goal scored (max of 3 per game)
* 1 point for each shutout (in games that do not finish 0-0)
Maximum possible points earned per game is 10.

In the event a tie breaker is needed the following criteria will be used:
1. Head to head
2. Goal Differential (maximum of 5 goals per game)
3. Most Goals Scored
4. Least Goals Allowed
5. Penalty shootout (3 shots)

In the event of a tie at the end of regulation in a playoff game (semifinal or final), teams will advance to penalty kicks to determine winner.

Playoff Format
Playoff formats are determined by the number of teams in the division.
Divisions with 4 teams:  3 round robin games (group play), top two teams advance to play in final.
Divisions with 5 teams:  2 round robin games (group play), top seed advances directly to the final.  #2 seed plays #3 seed in semifinal.  #4 seed plays #5 seed in consolation.
Divisions with 6 teams:  Two brackets of 3.  Two group games, then semifinals consisting of: Bracket A #1 seed plays Bracket B #2 seed; Bracket B #1 seed plays Bracket A #2 seed.  Winner of each semifinal advances to final.  Consolation: Bracket A #3 seed vs. Bracket B #3 seed.
Divisions with 8 teams:  Two brackets of 4.  Each team plays 3 games within their bracket (group play).  #1 seed from each bracket advances to final.