Competition will be offered in 7 age divisions: U9, U10, U11, U12, U13, U14, as well as a U15 division to accommodate 2007 birth year players. Please note: age groups and divisions are dependent on the number of applications received in that age group and division. The Tournament Director retains the right to combine age groups if needed.

U-9 and U-10 divisions: Match format is 7v7. The tournament will be a round-robin non-results format, with a guarantee of 3 matches per team. 
U-11 and U-12 divisions: Match format is 9v9. For divisions with 4, 6, or 8 teams, tournament will consist of 3 preliminary matches and a playoff/final.   For divisions of 5 teams, teams will play 2 games each on Saturday, with the top seed advancing to the final on Sunday.  #2v#3 will play in a semifinal, with #4v#5 in a consolation match.  All teams are guaranteed at least 3 matches. A tournament champion will be recognized for each division.
U-13 through U-15 divisions: Match format is 11v11. For divisions with 4, 6, or 8 teams, tournament will consist of 3 preliminary matches and a playoff /final. For divisions of 5 or 7 teams, teams will play 2 games each on Saturday, with the top seed advancing to the final on Sunday.  #2v#3 will play in a semifinal, with #4v#5 and/or #6v#7 in a consolation match. All teams are guaranteed at least 3 matches. A tournament champion will be recognized. 
Matches will take place on Saturday, October 9, 8:00am-6pm, and Sunday, October 10, 8:00am-6pm. Teams will receive their Champion/Finalist awards after the final match in their age group (9v9 and 11v11 games only). All teams need to complete documentation check-in online by 8pm on October 5th, 2021
Tournament headquarters is located at the Seacoast Express United Field Complex at New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI), 31 College Drive, Concord, NH for all Town/Travel divisions.  Headquarters for the Premier divisions will be located at the Seacoast United Outdoor Complex in Epping, NH. 
Town/Travel Divisions: U9/U10 $550; U11/U12 $650; U13-U15 $700
Premier Divisions: U9/U10 $725; U11/U12 $825; U13-U15 $925
All applications must be received by September 21st, 2021.
The tournament is open to any U9, U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14 and U-15 travel/rec team or premier team registered with their state chapter of the US Youth Soccer Association or US Club Soccer. All players must be registered with the US Youth Soccer Association or US Club Soccer and either be listed on a state approved roster or have player passes.
Teams accepted into the tournament must check-in online prior to October 5th, 2021.  In submitting documents for check-in online, the team will need to provide the following documents in PDF format:
1.  State/league certified team roster
2.  Player passes for any guest players not on roster
3.  Medical Release Forms for each player.
Medical release forms can be downloaded here.
Competition will be offered in the following divisions: U-9, U-10, U-11, U-12, U-13, U-14, and U14/15 divisions. Please note:  Age groups and divisions are dependent on the number of applications received in that age group and division.  The Tournament Director retains the right to combine age groups if needed.

I.  Tournament Name
Seacoast United Capitol Cup Tournament
Tournament Dates:  October 9-10th, 2021

II.  Tournament Headquarters
Tournament Director:  
Darrell Betley dbetley@seacoastunited.com
Tournament Address:  New Hampshire Technical Institute, College Dr, Concord, NH
Phone:  603-758-1156
Fax:  603-926-8555
Referee Assignor:  Joe Linquata
2021 Permission to Host:  USYSA  USClub

III.  Registration and Team Eligibility
Check-In:  Fast Lane/online check-in is mandatory for this event.  
Requirements for Check-In:  Teams must present their USYSA Roster/US Club approved roster, player cards, proof of permission to travel (if required by your state), and guest player approval forms, and completed tournament medical release waivers.
Eligible Players:  Only those players appearing on the teams travel roster will be eligible to play.  Each team must be prepared to provide a copy of the birth certificate of each player.
Credentials:  US Club Soccer or USYSA laminated player passes (properly validated by League and/or Registrar) will be required for all players. Any player who fails to provide a player pass before the game will be unable to play. Player passes will be checked before each game. The shirt numbers on the shirt must be the same as shown on team roster. Players must report to game officials if the number on shirt does not match the one on team roster.
Guest Players:  Five guest/loan players will be permitted per team with properly completed guest/loan player forms. 

US Youth Soccer Teams
   1.  Original State-approved roster and 2 copies
   2.  Validated US Youth Soccer Player Passes - includes guest players.
   3.  Current signed state Medical Release form for every player, including guest players.  Our tournament medical release form can be downloaded here.
   4.  Out-of-state teams - Permission to Travel form*
          *Out-of-state teams should obtain "Application for Travel" forms from their own state offices (only if required by your state organization).
   5.  Guest players must have valid USYS or USClub Player Pass, medical release form, and permission to travel from your state.
   6.  Guest player forms as required by your state association.

IV.  Player Age and Eligibility
The following age groups are permitted to participate in the tournament.

Age Groups Roster Size # of Guest Players
U9 - 7v7 14 3
U10 - 7v7 14 3
U11 - 9v9 16 4
U12 - 9v9 16 4
U13 20 5
U14 & U15 20 5


V. Tournament "Club Pass" & Double Rostering
Any club travelling to the Seacoast United Capitol Cup Columbus Day Tournament with more than one team may choose to move a player up for any game throughout the event.  However, no player is allowed to play in more than five games at the event when moving between teams.  The player & coach must have permission from their club director and subsequently from the tournament director before writing the player onto the game roster and presenting his or her pass of the same club during tournament check-in.

Players who typically double roster can not play for two teams within the same division.  For example, if a player is rostered for both Team A and Team B, and both are placed within the U11 Boys Navy division, the player may not participate for both teams.  

VI.  Team Responsibilities
Home Team Responsibilities:  Home team (first team listed on the schedule) will be required to change jerseys in the event of a color conflict.  The home team will have the choice of side of field, and will supply the game ball.  The game ball will be subject to referee approval.

VII.  Laws of the Game
FIFA Laws of the game shall apply to all matches with the following modifications:
1. Length of Games
Listed as below or as determined by the referee.  All teams are guaranteed 3 games with qualifying teams advancing to playoffs. 

Age Group Game Length
U9 - 7v7 Two 25-minute halves (5 min halftime)
U10 - 7v7 Two 25-minute halves (5 min halftime)
U11 - 9v9 Two 30-minute halves (5 min halftime)
U12 - 9v9 Two 30-minute halves (5 min halftime)
U13 Two 30-minute halves (5 min halftime)
U14 & U15 Two 30-minute halves (5 min halftime)

2.  Injury Time
Referees will be instructed not to add time to a game except in the most extenuating of circumstances.
3.  Substitutions
Free substitution will be allowed by either team during any stoppage in play.
4. Player Equipment
All players must wear shin guards during all matches. Players not in compliance will be CAUTIONED (yellow carded) and sent off the field until the requirement is met. No jewelry may be worn during the competition. Players wearing hard orthopedic casts will not be allowed to play if it determined to be a risk to other players by the referee. Players with cast must obtain game referee’s approval prior to each match to participate. Players shall wear approved cleats.
5. U9 and U10 Division Modifications
Within the U9 and U10 (7v7) age groups, on goal kicks, the team not in possession must retreat back to the midfield line.  This will allow for the start of play and encouragement to advance the ball out of the defensive 1/3 of the field.  Once play restarts, players may advance past the midfield line to try to regain possession of the ball.
6. New FIFA Laws of the Game effective July 1, 2019
The 2019 Capitol Cup will abide by FIFA laws prior to the July 1st changes as most teams competing in this event play Fall 2019 leagues games using the "old" laws.

VIII.  Tournament Schedules
Tournament Format
U9 and U10:  Friendly format (non-competitive), guaranteed 3 games.  Defending teams must drop back to half field on all goal kicks, allowing opponent to advance the ball into play successfully.  Once the ball has been put in play, the defending team can advance past midfield.
No playoffs for U9 or U10 teams, although the 3rd game may be "based on standings" for best competitive matchup.  

Game Points: Points will be awarded for each game in accordance with the following:
   -  6 points for a win
   -  3 point for a tie
   -  0 points for a loss

Additional points are awarded:
- 1 point for each goal scored (max of 3 per game)
- 1 point for each shutout (in games that do not finish 0-0)

**In the event of a forfeited game, the winner will be credited with a 1-0 win and awarded 3 points.  
**A game abandoned by another team will result in the opposing team winning.  The final score will be based on the score at the time of forfeit.  
**Teams are allowed 5 minutes from game time to forfeit time.
**No points are awarded if neither team shows up.
Tie Breaking Within a Bracket:
In the event of a points tie, places will be determined as follows:
   A.  Head to head
   B.  Goal differential
   C.  Most goals scored (maximum of 4 per game)
   D.  Goals against
   E.  Most Shutouts
   F.   Penalty kicks (if necessary)

A team will be allowed to play with a minimum of 7 players for an 11v11 match, 6 players for an 9v9 match, and 5 players for a 7v7 match. If the team is not able to field a team after 10 minutes of the start time of the match, it will be considered a forfeit. The game score will be recorded as 3-0 (10 points) in favor of the team that was present at the game time.
Inclement Weather:
In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Committee reserves the right to modify all tournament rules in order to safely and fairly end the tournament successfully.

Refund Policy:

  • There will be no refunds for teams withdrawing after the acceptance date of September 23, 2019.
  • If games are shortened due to inclement weather, no refunds will be made.
  • If some matches are cancelled due to inclement weather (but tournament remains on), affected teams will be refunded a prorated amount based on the number of games cancelled.
  • In the case of entire tournament cancellation due to inclement weather teams will receive a refund after administrative/incidental costs ($125 per team) have been deducted from entry fee.

IX.  Playoffs/Finals
Playoffs Seedings:
Playoff seedings will be determined differently in each bracket depending on number of teams entered.  Playoff rounds will take place on Sunday.
Division Format:
4 team division:  Teams play 3 games (round robin format), top two will play in the final.
5 team division:  Teams play 3 games with seedings determined after completion of 2 games.  3rd game format is as follows:  #4v#5, #2v#3 (semifinal), while #1 seed receives a bye to the final.  Winner of semifinal game plays #1 seed in the final. 
6 team division:  Two brackets of three.  Teams play the two teams in their bracket, then 3rd game is based on seedings.  Winners of "semifinal" games advance to final, while the #3 seeds from each bracket meet in a consolation match.
7 team division:  Teams play 3 games with seedings determined after completion of 2 games.  3rd game format is as follows:  #6v#7, #4v#5, #2v#3 (semifinal), while the #1 seed receives a bye to the final.  Winner of semifinal game plays #1 seed in the final.
8 team division:  Two brackets of four.  Teams will play 3 round robin games within their bracket.  Top team from each bracket meet in final.
Playoffs - Overtime/PKs
If the score is tied at the end of regulation, teams will proceed to penalty kicks to determine the winner.  Teams will go 5 rounds, and if tied after 5 rounds, they will progress through single rounds until a winner is determined.  Players taking the penalty kicks must be chosen from the 11 (or 9 for U11/12’s) that are on the field and the end of regulation.
Tournament Champions:
Will be determined differently in each bracket depending on number of teams.  The tournament playoff format will be determined once registration has closed and all schedules have been released.

X.  Referees
All matches must use federation certified referees.  Joe Linquata shall be the referee assignor for the tournament.

XI.  Score Reporting
Tournament scores shall be posted at the tournament site and on the tournament website.  Referee shall submit signed game cards containing the game score to field marshals to report to the tournament booth after the conclusion of each game.

XII.  Protests & Disputes
Protests will not be allowed. Game conduct is under the jurisdiction of the referee and the tournament will not overrule a referee’s decision. The Tournament Director or his designee is the final authority in all matters and reserves the right to alter the format to enhance fair play.

XIII.  Conduct and Discipline
NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES AT OR NEAR THE TOURNAMENT FIELDS.  There will be no-smoking allowed at the soccer complexes. Verbal abuse of any kind by spectators and participants shall not be allowed at the tournament site. The violators will be reported to authorities and escorted off the field.
Any player or team official ejected from a match, or suspended by the proper authority, shall not be within sight or hearing distance of the field of play during his/her suspension. A player or team official receiving two cautions (yellow cards) in a single game is considered to have been given an ejection (red card) for the purposes of awarding points for the tournament competition. A player or coach who has been ejected (sent off), shall not be replaced and will be suspended from the teams next scheduled match. A player or coach who has been ejected for VIOLENT CONDUCT shall not be allowed to participate in the next TWO scheduled games (subject to review by the Tournament Committee). Any player or team official who assaults a referee will be expelled from the tournament. FIGHTING will not be tolerated for any reason. Players sent off for fighting (striking or attempting to strike another player) will not be allowed to participate in any further tournament games. Players, team officials, or spectators who enter the field of play for any reason in the event of a fight will be ejected from the tournament. If the players cannot be identified, the entire team will be removed from the tournament. No refunds will be made to any team that is removed from the tournament. ONE POINT WILL BE DEDUCTED FROM A TEAMS TOTAL POINTS FOR EACH RED CARD RECEIVED BY A PLAYER OR TEAM OFFICIAL.