Online (Fast Lane) check-in is now mandatory for the Seacoast United Pre-Labor Day Jamboree.

Required Documentation

1. Current State-approved roster.  Cross out any players not attending the Seacoast United Pre-Labor Day Jamboree.  You may write in guest players at the bottom of your approved roster and provide proof of age and insurance from a state entity or US Soccer.  See below concerning guest players.

2. A copy of each League approved Player Pass, or Passport if your team is international (ONLY the front side that shows photo and date of birth must be copied).  If the player pass is "two-sided", we need the side with the player's name and birth date.  Guest players must provide this documentation as well.  You must include coach's cards and manager's cards in this document.

  • Guest Players
    • Obtain the guest player's current pass card and medical release form.
    • Add the guest player to your roster copy.  Please hand-write or type their full name, unique jersey number, player identification number and birthday below the existing rostered players.
    • Include guest player's player card and medical release form with the rest of your team information when emailing documents. 

3. Complete the Seacoast United Pre-Labor Day Jamboree Medical Release & COVID-19 Waiver for each player on your team.  The form must be completed and hand signed by a parent or legal guardian.  No forms other than the official Seacoast United Pre-Labor Day Tournament medical release will be accepted. 

Submission Process

After you have gathered the required documents to register your team, please scan or create PDF files for each document type as they will be sent separately.  Ensure you use descriptive names so you will know which file you're referencing.  We recommend scanning multiple player cards to fill an 8.5"x11" piece of paper and thus requiring fewer "ID Card" attachments.  

  • Upload documents in PDF format to your GotSoccer team account that was used when registering your team for the event.  Click here and reference the left hand side of the page to log into your account for this event.

  • Click on the Documents tab within your team profile.

  • In the Secure Team Document Upload section, choose the heading for the type of document you're uploading, and click upload.

  • Uploaded documents will show in the Documents for Event Staff area.

Approval Process

You can check the status of your documents while logged into your GotSoccer account.  In the area where the documents were uploaded, view the Team Status area.

  • Once approved, the status will show as Yes.

  • If further information is required from the tournament staff, you will be contacted by our Tournament admin with a description of this request.

Important Information

Teams must have your state approved roster, player cards, staff cards, and individual player medical release forms available at all games for review.

Teams who have not submitted online check-in will be emailed the Monday before the deadline as a reminder. Teams failing to provide this documentation if requested will forfeit all matches without refund.

Deadlines for Fast Lane Check-In:
August 25th, 2020

Questions?  Please contact Tom Greenaway at